How Our Microsoft ERP Software for Distributors Helped a Hongkong-based Electronics Distributor Streamline His Business

How Our Microsoft ERP Software for Distributors Helped a Hongkong-based Electronics Distributor Streamline His Business

The Honkong-based Electronics Distributor collaborated with Web Masters LLC to help him setup a streamlined distribution management software. Based on his business processes, we built a custom Microsoft ERP software for distributors and deployed it for the client. Check the Case Study below to learn how the Microsoft ERP resolved the distributor’s real-life challenges.





Service Vertical

Wholesale Distribution

About the Client

The client is a well-recognized Hongkong-based electronics distributions company. Company also established its distribution set up in the UAE to trade in the local market and export to other Middle East states and African nations.


Consumer wished to deploy reliable ERP software for distributors to streamline the entire distribution management process.

The buyer wanted the software to centrally manage his inventory, warehousing, and finance for different distributions setups.

Moreover, the buyer had some other expectations from his Wholesale Distribution Management Software- erp software for distributors

To ensure that the software meets the demand of their growing business
Get ensure that the system meets business-specific custom requirements with ease
Secure Integration
Secure Integration
The new software must integrate seamlessly with external applications like eCommerce, Warehousing handheld terminals, and financial data sharing.
Cloud-based & Intuitive
Cloud-based & Intuitive
To secure that the role owners can easily use the software from anywhere.

The Solution: Microsoft Business Central Distribution Management Software

Our Business Central experts at Web Masters LLC conducted a consulting section to understand the client’s business objective and challenges.

Based on the discussion, we advised a Custom Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution for the client’s Wholesale Distribution business.

The Key Modules of our Custom Microsoft Distribution Management Software included:

Order Management

  • The solution- ERP software for distributors helped the client capture orders from calling, direct sales, or eCommerce.
  • Client could manage the vendors and keep the suppliers informed about the orders in the pipeline.

Warehouse Management

  • Consumer could track his electronics stocks in real-time, and he could even manage requisition in advance.
  • With real-time data, he could cut down the inventory carrying cost and use demand forecasting to manage requisition well in time.

He can use Microsoft Business Central to set up automation for order picking, packing, and staging for delivery.

Shipping & Order Fulfilment

  • Capture entries at different nodes in the shipment process to track deliveries in real-time.
  • Help vendors check the shipment status and experience efficient order fulfillment.

Supplier & Vendor Relationships

  • Client can manage supplier data, purchase order history and enhance supplier relationships with better data transparency.
  • Buyer also has access to vendor (customer) data and order frequency.
  • Consumer can also analyze vendor interactions and build loyalty campaigns.

Planning & Forecasting

  • The Buyer has previous orders and sales data to forecast demands and plan requisitions
  • Client can also promise shipment and delivery dates in advance by forecasting inventory availability.

Reporting & Analysis

  • Microsoft Business Central software brings the client various reports like stock analysis, sales analysis, payment records, loyalty ledger, supplier data, etc.
Web Masters Case Study for Microsoft ERP Software for Distributors Helped a Hongkong-based Electronics Distributor

The Results

Faster data input

  • Data processing is rapid via Business Central; This enabled the teams to become highly efficient and has freed up their time to focus on improving operations.
  • Dynamic pricing modules like customer wise, currency wise, unit of measurement wise with specified date range matrix facilitate very quick sales order processing.

Tighter Credit Control

  • With the implementation of Business Central, credit control got tighter, and bad debt issues were eradicated.
  • If the credit limit was exceeded, Business Central would not allow them to further process the order.

Administration Cost Savings

  • The company has experienced significant cost savings in postage costs, printing, and paper costs. And these items combined contributed to huge cost savings.
  •  Now all their paperwork is generated electronically. There is no longer a need for physical paper invoices, statements, or purchase orders.
  • Today everything is driven through Business Central from their customers (vendors) to their suppliers.
Web Masters Microsoft Business Central and LS Central

IT Head from The Client's Organization Says:

“We selected Dynamics 365 Business Central, and the product has been incredible – it suited our business then, and it continues to suit us today. Web Masters LLC has advised us to go with a Microsoft product to fulfill our ERP requirements right from the start. During this time, we haven’t had to deal with a potentially costly and disruptive new system at all.

The key thing was that our partner understood our business and how we operated. That meant understanding Inventory & Bin Configuration, the structure of the financial chart of accounts to manage and reflect numbers as required by local authorities and head office, MIS, and Warehouse governance.

Since implementing Business Central, our business is equipped with a software system that can provide accurate analysis and information very quickly.”

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