Microsoft’s AIM program represents a transformative step towards embracing generative AI in the cloud. 

By providing enticing incentives and support, the program opens new avenues for businesses to enhance productivity, efficiency, and innovation in their operations. 

Microsoft’s Accelerate, Innovate, and Move (AIM) program has set its sights on guiding enterprises from on-premises Dynamics applications to Microsoft Dynamics in the cloud.  

Alongside this migration incentive, the program introduces businesses to the game-changing world of generative AI, exemplified by Dynamics 365 Copilot

Microsoft’s Vision 

Simplicity and Accessible AI Tools 

Microsoft’s approach to cloud migration and AI adoption stands out for its emphasis on simplicity and accessibility.  

AIM’s user-friendly tools and streamlined migration processes make the transition effortless for businesses.  

Compared to traditional migration programs, AIM ensures the easy deployment and utilization of AI tools, catalyzing innovation within organizations.   

AIM Program Advantages to Empower Enterprises Like Yours 

  • The AIM program provides a range of essential support elements to facilitate a successful cloud migration.  
  • Qualified businesses gain access to dedicated migration advisors and expert assessments, ensuring a seamless and efficient transition.  
  • Additionally, the Microsoft Dynamics in the Cloud 365 Implementation Portal and discounted subscription pricing offered through AIM’s Bridge to the Cloud 2 (BTTC2) promotional offer further incentivize and drive migration success. 

How Will You Benefit? Take A Glance- 

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As a business owner this is how your days will transform… 

Streamlined Meetings with AI Copilot 

  • In the conference room, when business owners like you sit around a table discussing their next strategic move.  
  • With Microsoft Dynamics in the Cloud 365 Copilot, the AI-powered assistant, taking notes and summarizing key points in real-time, every meeting becomes a breeze.  
  • No longer do they need to designate a note-taker or worry about missing essential details. AI Copilot ensures that every critical decision and action item is captured accurately and efficiently. 

Agile Marketing Pitches 

  • Across the marketing department, business owners like you witness their teams crafting compelling pitches for a new product launch.  
  • AI Copilot collaborates with the marketers, suggesting powerful phrases and refining the messaging based on market trends and consumer preferences.  
  • As they prepare to present, they marvel at the persuasive impact of their campaigns, all thanks to the innovative assistance of generative AI. 

Exceptional Customer Service:  

  • In the customer service department, business owners like you observe their team handling inquiries with unmatched efficiency. 
  • AI Copilot of Microsoft Dynamics Cloud works in tandem with customer support representatives, offering personalized responses based on historical data and sentiment analysis.  
  • Customers receive prompt and relevant solutions, leading to heightened satisfaction and strengthened brand loyalty. 

Simplified Cloud Migration with AIM:  

  • At the IT department, business owners like you are delighted to witness a smooth and successful cloud migration.  
  • The AIM program provides their company with a dedicated team of migration advisors, who meticulously plan and execute the transition.  
  • They witness their business seamlessly moving to the cloud, unlocking a realm of possibilities for scalability and accessibility. 

Empowering Employees with AI Tools:  

  • Throughout the office, employees from various departments are thrilled to discover how AI tools empower them.  
  • With Microsoft Dynamics in the Cloud 365 Copilot at their disposal, they experience newfound productivity and creative inspiration.  
  • AI-driven automations handle repetitive tasks, freeing up time for innovative thinking and professional growth. Employees now feel supported, knowing that AI is there to assist them every step of the way. 

Enhanced Data-Driven Decision Making:  

  • In the boardroom, business owners like you pore over analytics and performance reports.  
  • The cloud Microsoft Dynamics applications provide real-time insights and predictive analytics, enabling data-driven decision making like never before.  
  • Armed with accurate information, business owners confidently chart the course for future success, mitigating risks and capitalizing on opportunities. 

Cost Savings and Business Growth 

  • Finally, in the executive suite, business owners like you smile at the bottom line.  
  • Thanks to the AIM program’s cost-effective cloud migration and AI-driven efficiencies, they witness substantial cost savings across their operations. 
  •  These savings can now be reinvested into strategic initiatives, fueling business growth and expansion. 

Migrating to the Cloud- The AIM Program in Action 

  • Microsoft’s AIM program serves as a strategic solution to guide businesses from on-premises software to the cloud environment.  
  • This comprehensive program covers a diverse range of Microsoft Dynamics Cloud applications, including AX, CRM, GP, NAV, SL, and Business 365.  
  • By providing extensive support and incentives, AIM empowers businesses of all sizes to unlock the full potential of cloud technology. 

Generative AI Unleashed- Dynamics 365 Copilot 

  • Generative AI represents a revolutionary concept in modern business. 
  • It enables machines to mimic human-like behavior and decision-making, significantly enhancing operational efficiency.  
  • Microsoft Dynamics in the Cloud 365 Copilot, a prime example of generative AI, acts as a reliable assistant during meetings, crafting marketing pitches, and addressing customer service requests.  
  • The Copilot’s ability to offer real-time interactive assistance propels businesses towards increased productivity and streamlined operations. 

How Will Operations Look Like After Moving to the Cloud? 


Sales reps will be able to access customer data and track leads from anywhere, which will make them more productive and efficient. 


Marketers will be able to use cloud-based analytics tools to track the effectiveness of their campaigns and make better decisions about how to allocate their marketing budget. 

Customer service:  

Customer service representatives will be able to access customer records and resolve issues more quickly, which will improve customer satisfaction. 


Accountants will be able to access financial data from anywhere, which will make it easier to prepare reports and make financial decisions. 

Customer Success Stories 

They realized the cloud advantage, now it’s your turn! 

Numerous businesses, including Kodak Aleris, Viridor, Manor AG, and Azelis, have experienced remarkable success through the AIM program.  

These success stories highlight substantial cost savings, increased productivity, and a newfound commitment to sustainability achieved through cloud migration and generative AI adoption. 

Such results showcase the AIM program’s efficacy in empowering businesses to thrive in the cloud Microsoft Dynamics environment. 

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