Since its successful debut in 2018, Microsoft Business Central ERP has flourished as a promising ERP software.

The software boasts a whopping 200% YoY growth and is already powering business management for 15,000+ businesses (excluding the existing Dynamics NAV users).

Most consumers rely on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central owing to its all-in-one business management capabilities. It empowers business owners with efficient sales management, financial reporting, resource planning, warehousing, project management, etc.

The software ideally fits the small to the medium business arena and is highly competent against Oracle Netsuite and SAP Business One.

So, if you are on the quest for the best ERP software for your business, here are reasons to employ Microsoft Business Central:

8 Reasons to Choose Microsoft Business Central ERP

Here is why Dynamics 365 Business Central might be the perfect ERP solution for your business:

Business Central ERP

1) Business-specific Licensing & Hosting Choices to Control Costs

Microsoft leaves no stone unturned in offering businesses a high ROI through its Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP. The Business Central Licensing choices include:

a) Essentials or Premium License:

This full-fledged cloud ERP offers you a choice between the Essentials and Premium licenses.

The Premium license adds advanced functionality for Service Order Management and the Manufacturing Module at some extra cost.

Business Central ERP

b) Subscription or Perpetual License:

You can weigh your business requirements to opt between the Subscription and Perpetual license.

  • The Subscription license requires you to pay per user per month.
  • The Perpetual license allows you to pay a one-time licensing fee per user. What adds to this is the Annual Maintenance Fee.

The Subscription license may recur a higher lifetime cost than the Perpetual license. However, it offers greater flexibility, and you can upscale and downscale the number of users easily for the Subscription license.

c) On-Premises and Cloud Hosting:

On-premises Hosting: You can locally set up the servers in-house and host Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It allows you code-specific customization, but you need to bear the hardware installation & maintenance cost.

Cloud Hosting: You can host your Microsoft Business Central setup across public or private cloud platforms. Cloud hosting assures you of automatic bi-annual upgrades and reduced hosting costs. Moreover, you can scale much more easily on the cloud version.

Meanwhile, your Microsoft Business Central implementation partner can help you with a more efficient Hybrid hosting setup.

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d) Business Central offers a Choice of Business Specific Customization:

Microsoft Business Central ERP offers you a choice of business-specific modules. Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner can implement business-specific customization for your Business Central setup.

The overall implementation cost of Business Central is lower than Oracle Netsuite.

2) Easier Role Allocation and Intuitive Usage

Except for an easy learning curve and intuitive dashboard, another reason to choose Microsoft Business Central ERP is easier role allocation.

The software offers a comprehensive look at all the major company players and main role owners. You can decide on multi-level access for these role owners and define their roles.

Moreover, it breaks organizational silos, and you can share your data seamlessly across several departments. This grows organizational efficiency and supports unified processes.

The right choice of Microsoft dynamics implementation Partners further reduces the training times and boosts software productivity.

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3) Full-fledged Cloud ERP and On-the-go Mobility

Since, Microsoft Business Central ERP is built to offer maximum efficiency on the cloud. You can access the cloud-hosted software through a seamless web interface.

Moreover, with Microsoft Azure public cloud hosting, you do not have to pay the annual maintenance price. What’s even more rewarding is that Microsoft Azure assures 99% uptime.

a) On-the-go Mobility:

Convenient mobility is one of the best reasons to choose Microsoft dynamics 365 business central ERP.

Business Central integrates seamlessly with the Power Tools and ensures you comprehensive access to the software from anywhere at any time.

4) Convenient and Cost-effective Customizations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers convenient customization options.

a) Microsoft AppSource:

Microsoft is generous to offer you free access to the AppSource platform. Here you can find useful extensions for your Microsoft Business Central software. Owing to the Business Central AL-coded base, you can bolt and unbolt these extensions easily without violating the main code.

Meanwhile, one of Business Central’s main competitors (Oracle Netsuite) offers you paid access to its extensions platform, i.e., SuiteCloud. And this remains another crucial reason to choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP.

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b) Custom Extensions:

If you require advanced business-specific customizations for your cloud-hosted Business Central solution, you can opt for custom extensions.

Your Microsoft Implementation Partner can build custom Business Central extensions for your requirements. And they can bolt these to your existing setup without fading the existing code or functionality.

c) Code-customization:

On-premises Microsoft Business Central ERP version allows code-level customization for advanced functionality requirements. Your implementation partner can help you add advanced-level customizations to your main code.

5) A Particularly Comprehensive ERP

Business Central ERP

Business Central is one of the most feature-rich ERPs for small & medium businesses. From sales, financing, tasks & projects to supply chain and manufacturing management, it offers comprehensive business management.

Business Central gives you an exceptionally good grip on financial reporting and easy operations in global markets.

Moreover, the software is packed with features that enhance sales and customer service management. Track sales cycles, prioritize leads based on potential sales and easily bolster client relationships.

What helps Microsoft Business Central outperform its other popular challengers is its extensive set of industry-specific features. Whether you need a Retail ERP, Manufacturing Software, Service Management ERP, etc., Business Central ERP can be customized based on your business-specific requirements.

End-to-end business management is one BIG reason to choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP.

6) Dynamics 365 Business Central Prioritizes Security

Business Central enables you to define specific access & security roles for each user. Therefore, your business and client data are safeguarded carefully.

Moreover, private cloud and on-premises hosting can add extra security for highly critical data.

The software complies with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), and you have Microsoft’s trust.

Further, a reliable Dynamics 365 Support Partner helps you manage backups for your Business Central software. These come in handy in the case of downtime recovery.

7) Microsoft Business Central ERP Support Superior Integrations

A prudent reason to choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is its superior compatibility with Microsoft Apps and Power Tools.

It represents Microsoft’s Co-ordinated Business Development approach, and it integrates with other Microsoft apps, Microsoft Teams, Office 365, etc.

Moreover, you can leverage integrated Power BI for better analytics, Power Tools for superior mobility, LS Central integration for better retail operations, etc.

Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation partner can also assist you with functional 3rd party app integrations.

All these integrations support efficient business management and high-end convenience.

8) Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Offers Automatic Upgrades

Microsoft Business Central allows you to stay updated with the latest functionality improvements and features through bi-annual upgrades.

Moreover, these Business Central update are automatically integrated into your cloud-hosted setup.

Meanwhile, the major UX upgrades can be done manually. You might need your Dynamics 365 implementation partner to review these changes before integrating them.

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Summing Up

Dynamics 365 Business Central is the preferred ERP for thousands of businesses today. Moreover, as Microsoft Gold Partners, we have been helping hundreds of businesses migrate from their legacy systems, Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV, to Business Central.

Do you wish to know the business-specific features of Microsoft Business Central ERP for your business?